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    Posted 07/04/07 | 0 Comments | Related: Bikini,Lindsay Lohan

    Lindsay Lohans Bikini Party Pics Lindsay Lohan has turned 21. Happy Birthday….

    But what kind of celebration is it when the first time the girl can actually get legally smashed, she has to have a dry party? Not a drink or a line of coke in site….

    Although we have to give her some credit for hitting pool side clad in a skimpy little bikini.

    At least it gives us something to look at.
    Enjoy the pics!

    Lindsay Lohan sex photos!!!

    Sarah Mackintosh NUDE zoo magazine Last week the Australian public were amazed to hear that Tim Howard, the son of ugly bastard Prime Minister John Howard, was shacked up with the super hot topless bikini model Sarah Mackintosh .

    And this week the eyebrows of politicians and the trousers of every Australian male were raised to their full capacity when Zoo Magazine published nude topless pics of Sarah Mackintosh.
    The raunchy photos were taken six years ago

    for FHM France when Sarah Mackintosh was 22.

    See Nude Celebrities here!!!

    Lara Bingle Rather than sueing Zoo Magazine, it looks like the star of the “Where the bloody hell are you?” campaign Lara Bingle, has more important things to worry about. Her affair with AFL football star Brendan Fevola has resulted in a seperation from his wife.

    And like a true hypocrite, a week after we reported that Bingle was sueing Zoo Magazine, she is bikini clad on it’s front cover this week, and the cover of Ralph Magazine. Go figure…

    See Nude Celebrities here!!!

    Posted 10/21/06 | 0 Comments | Related: Beach,Bikini,Kate Hudson,Nude,See Through

    Perving on hot chicks in bikinis is always fun. But it’s even more fun when those hot chicks in bikinis are celebrities like Kate Hudson. The pants stiffening blonde is pictured here showing off her awesome body at a beach in miami. And it is quite possible that we will be seeing plenty more hot shots like these, as the “You, Me and Dupree” star will be making her way to the bloody hot Northern Queensland area to shoot a new movie in the next few weeks.

    Keep your eyes peeled and your pants undone in preparation 😉

    kate hudson bikini miami

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    Visit the blog full of Teens Pink Bits!!!!

    Maybe you would like to see the Paris Hilton Nude Pics!

    Or check out the Britney Spears Nude Pics!!

    See more hot KATE HUDSON pics here!!!

    Rumour has it that the walking set of tits that goes by the name of Heidi Klum, has started a cat fight with our own Elle “The (now well-aged) Body” MacPherson, by laying claim to her nickname “The Body”.

    Elle MacPherson Nude Heidi Klum Nude

    MacPherson as some of you will remember, is most famous for being the sister of XXX Home Movie Star Mimi MacPherson. Oh yeah. And she was also one of the top Aussie models.

    The sexy German walking milk vats Klum is promoting a new bra called “The Body” on the basis that it’s her moniker. She is reported as saying “They call me The Body – and now I have one named after me. It’s a big honour having a bra named after my nickname that people know in the business.”

    The original “The Body”, Elle MacPherson, who has her own range of sexy underwear (new and used) and a bunch of other cool stuff , is understandably a little pissed off. Her spokesperson said Elle was “flabbergasted”. We are pretty sure thats not the actual term that was used, but I guess it will do.

    Obviously we are feeling a little sad for poor Elle having her name ripped off by that glorious set of Euro Melons Heidi Klum. But we are going to leave it up to you to decide who truely deserves the title of “The Body”. To keep it fair, the picture sets above feature the two girls in their prime. Heidi Klum now, and Elle MacPherson back when she actually was actually pretty hot. Enjoy :)

    Check out the latest Swedish Teen Sensations at Swedish Celebs!

    Or check out the Britney Spears Nude Pics!!

    For more Celebrity pics visit at Naked Celebrities!

    If her buddies at the Chateau Marmont have their way, Lindsay Lohan will be getting the arse, and she will need to find a new place to crash. This could most certainly cause a stir all around the world, with thousands of prospective young blokes cleaning up their bachelor pads in the hope of offering their comfy sofa to the homeless redhead. But it’s a bit early yet to start getting excited, so until we know for sure if Miss Lohan is going to be homeless, let’s sit back and enjoy these nice pics of her sluting around in a bikini 😉

    Lindsay Lohan Bikini Boob

    Check out the latest Swedish Teen Sensations at Swedish Celebs!

    Or check out the Britney Spears Nude Pics!!

    For more Celebrity pics visit at Naked Celebrities!

    Our favourite Home Movie Sex Tape stars Pamela Anderson (ex Pamela Anderson Lee) and Kid Rock have finally tied the knot, an eager 4 years after they first planned to do so.

    The pair exchanged their wedding vows on a luxurious yacht, where the former Baywatch actress reportedly had the male wedding guests trying to cover up their hard-ons, as she wore a white string bikini and custom designed Jimmy Choo stilettos.

    Pamela Anderson Wedding

    Anderson and her first husband, rock star Tommy Lee, who are famous for their Home Sex Tape, divorced in 1998 after three years of marriage. They have two sons, Brandon, 10, and Dylan, 8.

    Kid Rock, whose real name is Robert Ritchie, and has also starred in a Home made sex tape with Pamela Anderson, has a 13-year-old son, Bob Jr.

    Pamela Anderson Wedding

    One of our favourite piece’s of ass, Jessica Alba, (who some of you might also know as the ‘Dark Angel’ and ‘Into the Blue’ actress) is set to star in the movie “The Eye”. At one stage Renee Zellweger was lined up to be the main draw card of the flick, until one of the directors hired a copy of the “Into the Blue” DVD and came to his senses soon after, giving Zellweger the boot and instead voting in favour of the bikini clad goddess Miss Alba.

    The sun soaked beauty would play a cornea transplant recipient who sees disturbing images in the mirror that send her on a quest to find out what happened to the eye’s previous owner. (Strangely enough the cause of the transplant is not due to a punch in the face by the jealous Zellweger).

    Jessica Alba Nude

    It all sounds a bit creepy and we too may need an eye transplant when the movie finally hits the screens, after our eyes pop out of their sockets admiring the amazing curves of Queen Alba. Filming of “The Eye” will commence after her work on the “Fantastic Four” sequel is finished. Let’s hope that her costume is even tighter and more revealing than in the first movie.

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